As one of the most notable natural features on our planet, water bodies also provide dependable surfaces for exciting sporting activities that are fun and exciting. There are several water sports that you can enjoy over the summer or any other season as an individual, group or in a competition. Swimming is the most common, but there are water sports as well as discussed below which include: https://www.aquarama.no/badeland


Surfing involves riding on a surfboard through the water body with the assistance of the rising waves in the direction of the shore. Oceans have excellent waves for surfing, but there are those people or groups who prefer to surf in river or lakes as well.

Kite surfing

This type of water sports depends heavily on the wind power so as to propel the kite and individual across the surface of the water body. Kite surfing is an enjoyable sport that is both enjoyed by the individuals and as a competitive activity.

Scuba Diving

An individual uses scuba (breathing apparatus) that is completely independent because it consists of a compressed gas in a small gas cylinder. Scuba diving requires extensive training for safety measures to the diver because it involves underwater swimming for a long time https://www.aquarama.no/sommerferie.


This type of sport involves swimming across the surface of the water body while facing down or observing the underwater surface with the help of a snorkel, which is a breathing tube. The main difference between snorkeling and scuba diving is the use of simple breathing equipment (snorkel) to breathe.


It is considered as one of the oldest water sports which involve propelling the boat against the water body using oars. Rowing can involve a single competitor and a boat racing against each other or a team of different people racing in one boat against other team members.


Also one of the oldest water sporting activity, it involves the use of a kayak which a canoe-like boat with a small space to stretch your legs and a paddle with two blades on each side to maneuver across the water body.


This sport can be exercised in different positions such as while standing also called stand up paddling and using paddles or while kneeling or lying. Paddleboarding can be played for a longer time often involving several hours.

The water sports mentioned above are the few common ones among many others that are practiced by individuals or groups for fun and competition. However, if you wish to participate in these games, it is important to observe safety measures and equip yourself with the necessary safety equipment. waterslides by Aquarama Norway, sponsors.